Yo Gotti has Over 100 Songs Recorded?? Talks Lil Boosie, Cocaine Muzik and More with OnWax!

Yo Gotti sat down with journalist Margeaux Johnson recently for a cover story with OnWaxMagazine.com! The interview touches on various topics, from Gotti’s ever-growing catalog of music to his support for Lil Boosie and other friends in similar situations.

Yo Gotti told OnWax: “The difference between me and a situation like Boosie’s is that I understand it could be anybody. It ain’t even just Boosie that I help. I got homeboys locked up that I help just like Boosie. It’s just if you see a person that’s down; why not help ‘em if you know ‘em and you cool with them? That’s just how I am.”

CLICK HERE to read the full story and comment at OnWaxMagazine.com

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